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How to Plan a Small Party

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Hosting a small party can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a daunting task, especially when you are anticipating dozens of guests.

This past weekend has been a busy one at Bradford’s Horsfall Stadium with big events and small parties alike being hosted across the stadium’s wide range of facilities. One of these was a children’s birthday party in our function room for around 40 guests. The day was a huge success and inspired our team to put together this guide on how to plan a small party.

With careful planning and a clear vision, hosting a small party can be a fun and satisfying experience. This article offers tips to help you plan an unforgettable occasion that will leave your guests delighted and impressed.

Define the Purpose of the Party

Every party happens for a reason. It could be for a birthday, a christening, a retirement, an anniversary, or simply a get-together. The type of occasion will dictate every aspect of the event. Party planners need to consider the theme, décor, food, music, and activities that will take place on the day, but once you know the purpose, it becomes easier to plan and make the event personal and memorable.

Create a Budget

Before you dive into the details of the party, establish a budget. This will guide your decisions and prevent overspending. When you’re budgeting, remember to account for venue rental, food and drinks, entertainment, decorations, and party favours. Knowing your financial limits early on will help you allocate resources wisely.

Choose a Venue

For a small party of 30 to 50 guests, the venue need not be extravagant, but it does need to be suitable for the occasion. Ensure the venue can comfortably hold your guest count and that there are sufficient facilities like restrooms and parking spaces.

If your event is taking place in Bradford, then take a look at our Function Room, which is the ideal small party venue for any occasion.

Set a Date and Time

Set a date and time for the party that is convenient for most, if not all, of your guests. It’s also crucial to consider the type of event. For instance, an afternoon is perfect for a christening or a baby shower, whilst an evening is more fitting for an adults birthday party. Getting the timing right will maximise the number of guests that can attend, which is often the difference between a success and a flop.

Guest List and Invitations

Make a list of everyone you plan to invite. Ensure it fits within your budget and venue capacity. Once the list is ready, create an invitation that mentions all necessary details. Make sure to include the date, time, venue, theme (if any), and RSVP information. If you send out invitations digitally it’s worth remembering that not everyone uses the same online platforms, such as Facebook, so be sure to check that everyone saw the invite!

Plan the Menu

Food and drinks are a significant part of any party. For a small gathering, you could opt for a sit-down dinner or a simple buffet that guests can nibble at through out the event. Consider your guests’ dietary restrictions and preferences. If cooking is not your forte, hiring a caterer or ordering from a favourite restaurant/the venue itself can save you time and stress.

Organise Entertainment

Entertainment keeps the party alive. Depending on the occasion, this could range from a playlist of your favourite songs (see our article on picking the perfect birthday party playlist if you need some help!), live music, a DJ, games, or a hired entertainer. Remember, the goal is to encourage interaction and make sure everyone has a great time.


The décor sets the mood of your party. Whether it’s sophisticated, fun, or cozy, decorations help to bring your theme to life. You could use balloons, streamers, flowers, lighting, table settings, or even DIY decorations. Just ensure the decorations align with your theme, if you have one.

Set Up a Timeline

A planned out timeline keeps everything organised and ensures the party flows smoothly. Allocate time for setting up, for guests’ arrival, drinks, food, entertainment, cake-cutting (if applicable), and wind-down time.

Most Importantly: Enjoy the Party

Finally, remember to enjoy the party! As the host, your mood sets the tone for the party. Yes, you want everything to go perfectly, but don’t forget to mingle. Make sure you laugh, eat, and have a good time with your guests.

Parties are about creating memories, celebrating life, and enjoying good company. With proper planning and a positive attitude, you can throw a small party that will be the talk of your social circle for months to come.

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